Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Notorious Few Days in Newcastle

Gidday everyone.  It's been a couple of weeks since I blogged. I have been busy doing those little odd jobs around the home, you know; the ones from the never ending list!  I did get out and about last Friday though.  I heard on the grapevine about a small ship that was visiting Newcastle.

Not just any small ship. This is a replica of a Portuguese 'Caravel' an ocean going sailing ship from the 1500s.  In this type of ship, the Portuguese and the Spanish sailed the world in what is now termed the 'age of discovery'.  Many famous explorers sailed out to places unknown in these ships e.g. Vasco de Gama.  Of the three ships led by Christopher Columbus, the Nina and the Pinta were apparently Caravels also.

I arrived early on the Friday morning to capture some Sunrise photos with the Notorious being the main subject.  I had to wait until 10am for the ship to open for inspection.  My son Lachlan came with me for the photo safari so, whilst we waited, we walked into the Newcastle Mall for a spot of breakfast and the best coffee in town at a small cafe called One Penny Black.  I grabbed a few photos whilst there and, after dropping Lachlan back to his unit, went back to the ship.  

This particular replica the 'Notorious' took 10 years to build using 300 tons of reclaimed timber. It is beautifully made and is a real treat to walk her decks and go below to see the sparse living quarters. It is not actually a tourist attraction as such; the builder and his wife actually live on board; it is their home.  They sail around the coast of Australia dropping into ports along the way, where they open the ship up for inspection to the public at a very minimal cost and, it is totally worth paying a few dollars to have a look around.

After leaving the ship, I had to drop the car in for a tyre rotation. Whilst it was in the workshop, I went for a wander up Hunter Street to look for a high vantage point from where I could shoot a panorama of Newcastle.  I walked into the Pinnacle Apartments and talked my way into being taken to the top floor of that building.  The building manager (whose name I cannot remember now - apologies!) was very kind to take some time out for me to get the photos.

The Notorious left Newcastle yesterday at about midday.  I waited on the Stockton Breakwall to get some photos of her sailing through the heads.  I have added those here as well.

There are many photos of the Notorious added to her Facebook page and you can follow her around the coastline of Australia.

I hope you have all been well as I have.  I am on the final leg of 4 weeks leave and back to work on Sunday (Fathers' Day) of all days; not really looking forward to it.....sigh......

As Always


Sunrise on Furled Sail, Newcastle, Australia

Arrr, Notorious Cap'n, Newcastle, Australia

Just check out the craftmanship that has gone into building such a ship! Notorious at Newcastle, Australia

Notorious berthed at Queens Wharf, Newcastle, Australia

Sunrise over Port Hunter, Newcastle, Australia

Leaving Newcastle, Australia

Ships Bell - Notorious, Newcastle, Australia

Notorious sails out through the heads past Nobbys Point, Newcastle, Australia

Just couldn't resist this one in Black & White.  Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia

Daffodil Day from One Penny Black Espresso Bar, Newcastle, Australia

The Tugboats are kept very busy on the Port, Newcastle, Australia

Panorama of 3 photos stitched together. Newcastle, Australia.