Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunday Afternoon....

I was at a bit of a loose end on Sunday. 

Ever had one of those days when you're guilt ridden because you feel that you should be more productive and active but really, all you want to do is veg out?  I was quite content to sit with a good book and play some Jackson Browne quietly in the background whilst my girls were out shopping. 

The Sun was streaming through the lounge room windows and I was getting comfortable.  I had gone out earlier in the morning over to New Lambton to check out a couple of Pentax lenses that were being sold privately. I was hoping that they would be in good condition because they would've suited my Pentax 35mm SLR very well.  Alas!, they were pretty dirty and scratched and when I looked inside they were very mouldy.  I was a little disappointed so, I had sort to assuage my disappointment by getting my head into a book. 

It was then I had a light bulb moment!

We had taken the dogs for a run down to Caves Beach the day before.  The waves then had been fairly high and pounding the rocks. The westerly wind had been ripping the top off the waves as they curled into the shore, sending the water backwards in a fine mist. I had lamented that I hadn't had my camera with me......Why not go there now?  

I checked my kit. Charged battery (I always have one spare charged up and ready!) ...check.  Memory Card...check.  And, how exciting, ...... my new set of Cokin ND Grad filters..... check!  I also threw in my Pentax 35mm SLR with Sigma 18-55 zoom onboard.  It has recently been loaded with a Fujicolor C200 and I thought I would capture some in film also.  Threw it into the back of the car (actually..... lovingly placed it in a safe spot where it wouldn't move or fall off the seat!  haha) and I was off!

As I was heading south on the Pacific Highway, just past Belmont, I noted the amazing number of sails that were floating in the air on the stiff breeze. These weren't softly flying like some kite on a gentle breeze; these were racing around in endless arcs and up and down. Windsurfers!

I must have counted at least 20 sails as I pulled into the car park on the foreshore.  I managed to find a good spot and started shooting.  I have a Canon 600D and I love the Continuous Shoot mode; the auto focus is quick and I can follow the subject and snap off a few at a time.  I used f4 aperture because I did not want the windsurfers to be lost amongst the houses and hills in the distance. You can see the results below! I could have stayed there all afternoon; just watching these people was inspiring. I am amazed that for all the windsurfers on that part of the lake, there were no entanglements!

Anyway, I packed up and continued south on the Pacific Highway until I reached Swansea and turned off down toward Caves Beach.  

The wild surf that we had seen the day before was not repeated, and the stiff breeze over the lake that the windsurfers were taking advantage of was just a gentle zephyr over the beach. A little disappointed but, determined to make the most of the journey I decided upon a little spelunking. 

Caves Beach is well known for..... caves!  There are a number of them along the shoreline; large ones that could hold a wedding party and small ones for little children to play in and out of.  It was quite the popular destination for a Sunday afternoon and I want to return during the week when maybe there is not quite so many people around but, I did manage to get some good shots from inside a couple of caves.

I also went onto the beach proper to get some shots with my new Cokin filters which worked a treat!  A little fiddly at first but once the adaptor and the frame is on, it is much easier sliding filters in and out as opposed to screwing filters on and off for each change.

I fully intend to return to Caves Beach for a sunrise and a little more exploring when the tide is not rolling in. I cold have gone rock hopping to get further south and to more caves but I was a little wary on the rocks with my kit slung over my shoulder. That will be another safari to be added to my list!

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