Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia

I had, a short while ago, purchased an ND8 filter for my Cokin system.  I already had a screw on Marumi ND8 filter and I thought I would play around with using both filters at the same time.

Swansea Heads in New South Wales, is where Lake Macquarie (the largest permanent salt water lake in the southern hemisphere) joins onto the Tasman Sea on Australias' east coast.  At the tides, the channel can run fairly fast and so I decided that was where I wanted to be for the long exposure photos.

I arrived about 2 hours before sunset which gave me ample time to do a recon for the photos and decided that the best option was the small wharf that ran beside the boat ramp of the Marine Rescue Boat House.  I wanted a subject that would stay still whilst the long exposure smoothed out the water that ebbed and flowed around its' pylons.

Once I had that sorted, I went for a short wander over to the rocks that form part of the breakwall and shoreline of the Swansea Channel.  I set up with both ND8 filters to see what sort of long exposure I could get in daylight.  I am happy with the result, however to get that really silky smooth look to the water in sunlight, I really need to get a much darker ND100 filter.  The 2 stacked ND8 filters enabled a 5 second exposure from f22, ISO100.  It was sufficient to get a likeable effect but I would still love to have that ND100! [haha !]

I had set up on the rocks to catch the waves coming in over the top and in and around with that swirling motion.  There was a fisherman standing on a rock who was standing very still.  Murphys' Law! - I only wanted him to stand still for 5 secs but, NO, as the shutter opened he reeled in and moved off.  The subsequent photo caught his movement and that of his fishing line also, so I did salvage something from that at the end of the day!

The one thing I love about the ND8 filters is that those beautiful warm colours of the sunset are enhanced and a lot of glare is cut from the photos.

I hope you have all been well.



Serene Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia
Swansea Heads Living - NSW, Australia.  ISO100 f22 5 second exposure.

Poles Apart at Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia.  ISO100  f22  5 second exposure.

Marine Rescue Wharf - Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia.  ISO100  f22  20 second exposure.

Marine Rescue Wharf and Breakwall - Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia

Swansea Heads Sunset - NSW, Australia.  ISO100 f22 6 second exposure

The Ghost Fisherman - Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia. ISO100   f29   8 second exposure
Long exposure on rocks.  Swansea Heads, NSW, Australia.  ISO100 f29 8 second exposure.