Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dogs of Redhead

Our favourite beach here in the Newcastle area is Redhead Beach.

It is at the northern end of a 10.4 km stretch of beaches that go to the Lake Macquarie inlet in the south at Swansea Heads.

Redhead is popular with surfers and families.  The Surf Life Saving Clubhouse has a kiosk where you can get breakfast and lunch, along with a coffee.  Redhead Point marks the northern most end of the beach and features an 80 metre high cliff.  It is good to get up on top of the point and get some wonderful photos looking down the beach from up on high!  The cliff face has a great textured look and the colour of the rock changes depending on the time of day and reflection of light off the water.

Just south of the patrolled beach, there is an off-leash area for dogs.  It's a very popular spot on weekends and holidays.  The dogs love it that we can let them off and they can run and swim to their hearts content.  Our two never wander too far and it is just great to see them prancing around, so carefree and happy.  Mind you, there are some responsibilities that come with an off-leash area, the big one that we are always mindful about is taking plastic bags and a small 'pooper-scooper' with us for those accidents that will always happen in an excited moment!

The weather lately has been absolutely abysmal!  Rainy, windy days, and a cold front moved in..... except for last Monday; it was PERFECT.  Temperatures in the mid 20s, no wind; the perfect day for a doggy day at the beach.

It is also school holidays at the moment so, when we arrived, there were quite a few families and their fur friends already on the beach.  I had taken my camera and there certainly were a diversity of dogs to capture in their playtimes.

Who said dogs don't smile!

If you recognise your dog on here, contact me and I will email you a free high resolution file for you to print.

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All Rights Reserved and may not be used without permission.

I think a Doberman looks much better with its tail intact!

Always something to chase at the beach!

How many dogs can you see in this photo?

This is our dog Barney, he loves this toy which we twirl around and throw for him. 
He runs back with it and the end piece flies around everywhere as he runs. 
In this particular photo it has hit him right on the end of his nose - ouch! Just minutes after I took this photo,
 I threw it for him again, it went into the shallow water but Barney hesitated in picking it up. 

In no time the wave came in and washed it out off the beach. Barney raced into the water to get it but 
was too late! We all went down to try and find it, and Barney was running around in the shallows. 

After a while he just sat forlornly looking out to sea.

This is Moet. She belongs to our son Lachlan and his fiance Naomi. She is a Chipoo - Chihuahua Poodle cross.

If your human friend brings a ball to throw, be prepared to share!

The human friend of this cute little guy called him a Long Haired French Bassett. 
He was such an inquisitive fellow and very friendly!

Here we have Barney and Moet having a tug-o-war with Barneys' fav toy. 
Barney is the most considerate dog! He knows if Moet is on the other end he can't throw her around 
like a rag doll and is very gentle-dogly about the whole game!

This dog reminds me of 'Dug' from the animated movie 'Up'.  SQUIRREL!

I couldn't resist this shot.  The old Lab looking lovingly at his family!
As we were leaving we spoke to this lady about him.  
He is 13 years old and she was a little sad when she spoke because she knew that 
he may not be with them for much longer.

This Kelpie didn't appear to be with anyone. He was intently watching Barney as we threw the ball. 
When Barney took off to retrieve the ball, the Kelpie would run alongside Barney trying to round him up. 
He always kept a small distance though and seemed to love playing his own little game!

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