Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Faces from the Street

I love to walk around on a Street Safari and capture the everyday goings on of average people.

There are many stories to be seen on the street as people go about their lives.  From the fast walkers who have somewhere to be quickly and those who have a little more time to spare and stroll leisurely, to those who simply want to sit for a while, breath out and escape.

I don't sneak about with a big zoom lens, hiding behind poles or jumping out from around corners; I'm very noticeable as I walk around with my camera. Some people just look with a blank stare, their minds ticking over with something more important than a bloke with a camera.  A few will acknowledge my presence, smile and strike a pose, adjust their hair or, just sit straighter.  

Some will see me and want to get in on the action.  I love these people!  Not camera shy, outgoing and interested in my love of street photography.  These people understand that a photograph is a record of that split second in their lives.  In 500 years, people may view that photo as an example of contemporary life 'back in the day'.

That's how I see it; each photo is history in the making.

As I said, I have always been very noticeable as I wander about with my camera; stopping suddenly when I see something or someone interesting.  It took me a while to get the courage up to actually approach people and ask if I could take their photo and, for those who are open to the idea I am eternally grateful.

I always hand out a card with my details on it.  I encourage people to check my social media pages and, if they see themselves and like what they see, they can contact me and I will send them the photo file - free of charge - for them to print; a small gesture to give back to those who gave me their precious time on the street.

So, if you should see me walking my photography beat on the streets of Newcastle and surrounds. Come up to me, say hello, and have your photo taken!

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