Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My latest addition - Canon EOS 300V

I am always looking for 'new' cameras online.

Now, when I say 'new' I mean, 'new' to me.  So, if I buy a second hand camera that I have not owned or used before, then it is 'new'.

And here is my latest new addition; Canon EOS 300V; 35mm film camera.  I found it on a Gumtree search (Gumtree being a buy and sell online site in Australia).  It came with Canon EF 28-90 and Canon EF 70-300 zoom lenses for AUD$120.

It was about a half hour drive to go and check it out and I figured that it was worth the trip.

So surprised when the owner told me that they had only put about 3 films through it when on an overseas holiday before they went digital.  After that it had just been sitting in a cupboard in its' case.  Lenses had lens caps and UV filters also, so they had been protected too.

I didn't haggle the price because I knew it was a bargain!

That drive home was almost unbearable; I just wanted to play with my new camera!  We did finally make it home where I was able to study it in more detail.  Lens mount exactly the same as my Canon 600D DSLR which meant I could use my nifty fifty on it also!  Also fully compatible with my Canon 430 EX II Speedlite flash unit (even down to the High Speed Synch!)  Gotta be happy with that!

The first film I put through it was a Fuji NEOPAN 400 Pro.  I just wandered around taking photos using different settings.  Did the same thing with the second film, a Fujicolor C200.  Results are good, lenses are nice and sharp.  It is very similar to using my 600D except that I have to be more prudent about what I shoot as there are only 36 negatives on the roll.  

Speaking of how many photos I get out of a roll; this is a pre-wind camera.  Once the film is loaded in and the back closed, the entire roll winds onto the spool on the right hand side.  As each frame is exposed, the film automatically winds back into the cassette.  This means that if you accidentally open the back and expose the film, the film already wound back into the cassette will still be safe.  Doing it this way also gives me 37 exposures from a roll of 36.

Anyway, here are the results.

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