Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2011……..It had better start to get better!!

My poor darlin’ Kim put her back out last week - again.   She has been in agony and it is only just starting to let up a little!   I 'suggested' she go and see someone about it.   Finally she relented and we went and saw an Osteopath at Warners Bay.  It was a huge relief to find out that it is not Kims old disc injury that is playing up but a strained muscle that sits over the pelvis which is putting a lot of pressure onto her sciatic nerve.   So much easier to treat!

Rhiannan is not terribly happy because she has only 3 days work this week.   Not sure the reasons why but it is possible that they are putting on school kids over the holidays because they are cheaper!   Methinks we will be perusing the jobs vacant columns relentlessly in the coming weeks.   Rhiannan celebrated her 19th birthday on the 02 Jan.  The years are flying by it seems!

Lachlan is crook with Tonsilitis at the moment.   It is something he always seems to pick up when he is a little run down.   It certainly has been very hot and humid these last 2 weeks and, his warehouse is not air conditioned.   The Doc put him on antibiotics again but says he will need a blood test the next time it plagues him.   You should see these tablets he has to take; they are huge!   How he is expected to swallow them is beyond me!

Kasey is really enjoying her new job at the Day Care Centre.   She has asked if she could do her Diploma there when the Cert III is finished but they already have one girl working there completing her Diploma.    Day care is one of those areas where there is always plenty of demand for trained staff!

A bit of bad news from Christmas.   We had to have our Kaiser put down.   He was 16 years old and the old age thing had really caught up with him to the extent that he was not the happy-go-lucky dog we knew and loved.

We had a visit from the Outlaws early in the new year.   Hhmmm.... That was interesting!

I haven’t been up to anything really.  Going to work & home looking after Kim.   Trying to fit in some [hopefully] overtime shifts for my sister, Theresas’ 50th birthday celebrations up at the Gold Coast in March, so we have a little spending money! 
Well, I must head off now.   Back to work tomorrow after a 5 day stand-down.   Not looking forward to the alarm clock waking us up!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying life!