Thursday, 27 January 2011

The January Report!


Can u believe it?  We are almost at the end of the first month for 2011??!!   What has been happening?

Kims’ back is on the improve!   Still a little stiff and sore after getting out of bed but at least she is getting around ok now; although she still has to be careful with what she gets up to!    She has just had a hair cut and it looks great!

It has been bloody hot here in the last few days!   The other day Kim n I were out shopping and there was this hot dry wind whistling around.   It reminded me so much of a Wagga Wagga summer!   Problem is that we have been hit with the humidity now and phew….. that sweats out the grog I can tell ya!!  ha ha ha ha!!   On the way home from work there was a fog and when I got home I checked the weather station and it was 97% humidity… that is something!

The family is doing well.   Kasey has been getting stuck into a couple of assignments for her traineeship, Lachlan is recovering from ANOTHER bout of Tonsilitis [he also has a new girlfriend!] and, Rhiannan has a boyfriend now also!

I haven’t been out and about with the camera for a while; things have just been too busy!   I do, however, plan to hit the graveyard at Catherine Hill Bay about sunset to try and get some mood photos!   Watch this space!

I also have to wash the car again.   It seems to get dirtier up here for some reason; black fine dust.  I actually think it could be coal dust blown over from the coal loaders on the docks when I park the car in town for work.   If it is not this fine black dust, it is the seaspray from the beach that makes it grubby and that certainly needs to be washed off on a very regular basis!

Just another bit of news……………..BARNEY ARRIVES TOMORROW  [all going well……] !!

Anyway, that’s another Jordy update for now.   Hope everyone is well.