Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Dads’ Camera


My Dads Camera.

This is where my interest probably got started. Dad did all his own film processing and printing.

This is his Voigtlander Bessa II bellows camera with accessories.

Dads Camera and Accessories #1

The item on the left is a separate viewfinder. The Viewfinder on the camera was very small and did not line up the subject very well. The separate viewfinder had to be used with both eyes open as the viewfinder was not transparent! The free eye would view the subject whilst the other (looking through the viewfinder) would view broken or unbroken lines which formed a rectangle that indicated the edge of the 'frame'. In a weird way, the subject could be seen within the frame. The other item on the right was used for calculating distance. Looking through the small hole, the photographer would see 2 images; one clear and the other a ghost. The dial would be turned to bring both images together. When this happened, the distance would be indicated on the dial and the camera set accordingly. 

The camera is still in wonderful condition. I would love to put a roll of film through it but I can't seem to get the 120 film it required.