Thursday, 1 September 2011

Painting, painting and yes…..more painting!

I have to say that I don’t mind painting.   I love to stand back and look at the finished product, proud of my effort!   However, I hate the preparation and clean up afterwards!   Moving furniture, sanding, washing down walls, filling small holes, cleaning brushes, rollers……I wonder if there would be a profit in pre painted gyprock?
Kim & I have been hard at it now for the last 2 months.   We started painting the inside of the house shortly after our kitchen renovation was complete.   That was nearly 2 years ago!   Ok  ok…..we had a little break, but we have taken it up again with gusto and are now down to 2 bedrooms and the study left to finish.
1 of the 2 bedrooms left should be completed tomorrow [cross fingers!] and our main bedroom and study hopefully in the next 2 weeks in between my shifts.   It has been a long plod, but will be entirely worth it once it is done.
We have also got rid of the bloody ‘orrible looking beige vertical blinds and are gradually replacing them with white shutter blinds, [which are simply venetians with a much wider blade – they look awesome!].
Once the inside is finished, we have some cleaning to do!   Sanding down surfaces has a tendency to send clouds of fine white dust throughout the house.  We have not bothered to dust for a while because it is a lost cause until the painting is finished!
I am going to have to give some consideration to the outside of the house.   When a house is built, the painting is almost an afterthought; it’s never actually a great job is it?!    Our house is only about 7 years old and the outside paint has really faded.   The next project looms ahead!
Oh well….what else would I be doing if I wasn’t painting?      Well….there’s….my photography, guitar, walking, running, pushbike, the beach………..
Hope you’re all well.