Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Angeli Family

I have known Kim Angeli since she was about 19.   She lived next door to us in Canberra at the bottom of Mt Ainslie.   She used to baby sit our kids when we went out.   We always kept in touch, even though our lives at times were separated by vast distances.  We now live in close proximity to each other in the suburbs of Newcastle.   She has married and, she and Dan have 3 children.  She asked me ages ago to take some photos of her children.   Now, I am mostly a landscape and urban type photographer and, have never turned my hand at portraits and the like.   I laughed nervously and said yes!    Here are the results.   Hope you like them.   More importantly, I hope Kim and Dan and the kids like them.   Different kettle of fish to what I am normally used to but, I always welcome a challenge.

We started at Kim and Dans' home and from there went to Merewether Rock Pools for some candid shots.  It was a beautiful afternoon (which was very lucky because the weather has been atrocious here lately!) and the Rock Pools have those little distractions which are very interesting to a young child which, in turn, makes for some great candid shots.