Monday, 19 March 2012

Nobbys Beach Dawn

I finished work this morning and had to sort of 'hang around' because the car was booked in for a service at 0730 and I had some time to kill.   Never one to miss an opportunity, I took my camera to work because if I had time to waste, I may as well be productive!

Went down to Nobbys Beach to the wonderful Surf House there for some sunrise photos.   Did you know that Sunrise photos that don't actually have the sun in them because of overcast conditions can  simply be called 'dawn' photos?  Hahaha!

Ahem.....anyway, that's how it was....cloudy.

I used my wide angle here and that is why some of these appear a little distorted.  I did try to fix them up but found that the fix looked worse than the original distortion !

Some have turned out great in monochrome.  I love monochrome and part of my work flow once a photo is post processed is to play with it in monochrome.  Not all are suited for it but sometimes a photo can look better in beautiful, crisp tones of gray.

My fav of these is the volley ball net still caught in the glare of the security light just as the daylight began to break; there's something about that clean light at the start of the day that brings hope, and a feeling of excitement of what the day will bring.  

There is one thing that disappoints me about the surf house building there.  This beautiful old building is surounded with large rubbish bin containers and signage about what is and isn't allowed onto the beach.   They have erected some stainless steel handrails where they should have continued with the old post and rail theme that appears everywhere else.  All this clutter really ruined the clean shot I wanted of this lovely looking building.

Anyway, I am going to upload these and go to bed.  I have had about 4-5 hours sleep in the last 48 and must front up for another nightshift tomorrow night!

Good Night All !!


This is my favourite!