Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

Barney was in a desperate need of a day out.  All that pent up energy was bursting out and he needed to have an area to run riot in! 

We ended up at our favourite beach: Fingal Beach, in the beautiful Port Stephens area.  It is always very quiet and we usually have the beach to ourselves!   Well, once off the lead Barney just ran around letting off all of that steam.  Chasing the ball into the surf and along the sandy beaches, he could have just gone on and on all day!  The water was lovely and warm and Kim & I had a swim also.

After Fingal Beach, we went to Shoal Bay for some lunch and a stroll along its' beautiful white sandy beach.  It was an absolute pearler of a day!   On the way home, Barney just crashed on the back seat; we wore him out!

At the end of Shoal Bay Road is the Tomaree National Park.  Walking tracks and lookouts make it a must for a future visit.  Alas!  It is a National Park and we will not be able to take Barney with us.  One of the lookouts offers a view to the east of the entire bay from a decent height.  Can't wait to capture that one!

Hope you enjoy these!