Thursday, 3 May 2012

After Dark - Series #1

I was coming up to a couple of night shifts, and figured that it would be a good time to catch up on some night photos.   By the time I get out of work, into the car and get going, there is not actually much time for a leisurely photo safari so I have to have things fairly well sorted in my mind before I get there.

For the first in the 'After Dark' series, I thought that I should visit Civic Park.  It has these beautiful huge Fig Trees, lit by spotlights at night, that look awesome.  Just across the road from the park is City Hall which is a great looking building with a clock tower and, when lit at night, has great light and shadow.

After visiting the park, I took a wander up King Street to an old building on the corner of Morgan & King.  It is boarded up but I have always loved the textures and lines of the weatherboard upper half and the brick lower half.  It has some nice fretwork around the windows.  It looks great at night in the harsh glare of streetlights and even better in the early morning at sunrise with the golden tones of the Sun reflecting off it [but that is another project!]

Also in King St, just down from the boarded up house, is the most fantastic looking footpath!  A footpath can look fantastic, believe me!   All along one side of the footpath is a massive retaining wall built of rough sandstone brick circa 1869 and, to protect the pedestrians from falling onto the road, is a great looking post and rail fence.   It is an old landmark of Newcastle. 

I used my wide angle for nearly all shots, except for the pano.  

I do have other night photos that I will collate and show on here in the near future but, for the sake of keeping track of posts, this is number 1 of my 'After Dark' Series.

Vincent Van Gogh once said     'I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day'.....he certainly had a good point!

Good Night!