Sunday, 6 May 2012

Euro Motor Fest - Lambton Park, Newcastle

I would not have even known about this if it were not for an old workmate, Ray Buscombe, sending me an invite on Facebook.   He is the proud owner of a great sporty looking Renault Clio and was going to be showing it.  He said there would be some great machines at the Fest to get photos of and, he was not wrong!

The day was sponsored by the Hunter MG Car Club which has a club house in Elder St, Lambton.  The Motor Fest was held in Lambton Park, directly across the road from the club house, which appears to be a renovated Masonic Hall.  Actually, in the background of some of the MG photos, you can see the club house!

It was wonderful to see the spectacular cars on show, I especially love the older classics from a bygone era, solid, reliable and lovingly restored !

My favourite for the day would have to have been the 1935 Alvis.  It's owner David Coalbrook was kind enough to allow me inside for a pic!  Such grand workmanship and finish on the inside, and great polished paintwork and shiny steel on the outside turned out some wonderful photos!  In the photo of the engine bay, check out the tools in brackets, especially the sledge hammer which, I am told, is used to assist in removing the wheel!

Another favourite, but for different reasons, was the 1985 Citroen 2CV [at least that is what I understood it to be] owned by Ranald Mackay from the Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Motor Club.  It looked like an awesome little run around and had 2 huge speakers on the rear parcel rack [which Ranald assured me came with the car when he brought it], along with the roll back sun roof.  It would certainly suit the leisurely beach lifestyle of the Hawks Nest area brilliantly!  Ranald can be seen sitting with his mates in the picture below, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the day.

The most difficult thing about photographing cars in this environment, is trying to capture them without people or, other cars cluttering up the shot.  I think I have been successful in most of these cases. When it was unavoidable, I used a low aperture setting [or post-processing !] to create a background bokeh to soften the excess clutter.   In most of these photos I used my wide angle lens and exposure bracketing to create HDR photos.

It was a good day, weather was perfect, and it was great to catch up with Ray after about 16 years over a sausage sanga and coffee!   Never mind.......we'll have a beer next time mate!

Hope you're all well!


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