Monday, 21 May 2012

Time at Toronto

We spent a couple of hours at Toronto yesterday.  Had hoped to spend more but, the perfect day soon became overcast, the temperature dropped significantly and, light rain began to fall.

Toronto is on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie.  It has beautiful fig trees growing in the main street and just down from the main street are numerous wharves for the many boats that ply the lake.

The railway to Toronto was built by a private company in 1891 but was taken over by the Government railways in 1910.  It was originally built privately with the Toronto Hotel to entice out interested real estate buyers!  Operations ceased on the line in 1990 and the Station was officially closed in 1995.  The old station is being used by the Lake Macquarie & District Historical Society as their base.

It's a short walk from the Toronto Public Wharf through Edward Gain Park along Victory Row, passed the old railway station up to the Royal Motor Boat Club. 

I only managed to get in a few photos, thanks to the weather turning, but it's not that far from where I live so there is ample opportunity to return at a later date.

The weather is so has turned out perfect!

Hope you are all well.


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