Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Barney - Tales of a Family Dog

Barney is about 18 months old now.  He is a rescued dog.  That is to say, he and his brother and sisters were dumped by some lowlife and left to die.  Some kindhearted person found them and handed them in to Newcastle Dog Rescue.  We found him via their Facebook page and the rest is history!

He is the best dog.  Loving and gentle with just a touch of cheekiness.  He greets most people who knock on our door, with the boundless enthusiasm of one who loves to meet people and make friends.  We think that he has some idea that he was rescued, and perhaps that is why he shares his love with all of our friends with such reckless abandon!  Mind you, we have seen him when he has suspicions about the person knocking on the door and his assertiveness is reassuring, especially since I am a shift worker and not always at home on some nights.

He absolutely adores the beach and runs wild over the sand with a huge grin (if dogs can have a grin) written all over his face.  Here is a dog who loves to play.  Actually, mention the word 'play' and his ears will prick up and he will go and get a toy from his collection for a tug of war game which seems to be his favourite. 

Although it is winter here, we have had beautiful sunny days with a temperature of about 21 Celsius!  It being such a perfect day on Monday, we headed off to Caves Beach for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful afternoon, but not without tragedy.  As you can see by these photos, Barneys' favourite toy is a blue rubber 'stick'.  He loves to fetch for us to throw and he never tires of the game.

Barney, however, is afraid of the waves that roll into the beach and have a tendency to dump all over him.  Kim threw the stick and it landed in the wet sand.  Barney raced up to it but, alas! a wave started to crash into the beach and Barney retreated to a safe distance.  Unfortunately, the receding wave also took his blue stick with it and, Barney was left sitting on the beach looking forlornly at the surf to return his beloved toy.  It didn't come back, and we could see the confusion and disappointment on his face.  Hopefully, it may turn up on some distant shore, and another playful dog will realize the potential of the blue rubber 'stick' toy for a game or two!

These photos I have taken with my new Canon 600d - I love it!

Hope your are all well


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