Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Monochrome sort of Afternoon

I have been busy at work and home, and the weather has been atrocious so I have not had much of an opportunity to get out and about.

I awoke at about Midday after a block of 4 12 hour shifts (2 day and 2 nights) with that fuzzy hazy brain that all shiftworkers have experienced.  I decided to set myself a little assignment using shallow depth of field, a few different lighting methods and present the outcome in Black and White.

Ok, what subject?

I thought the candles might be interesting, especially as they sit in a shallow glass container surrounded by small rocks which would also look good.   I have yet to conduct further experiments, but it appears it is difficult to focus on a flame!

I then turned my attentions to my favourite book.  It is the entire collection of Peanuts cartoons!   All of Charles Schulz work wonderfully bound and printed on glossy paper.  Some in colour, others not but, I love that book.  It is just great to pick it up and open up a random page that I know will bring a smile to my face!

The other book that appears in one of these photos is a book of dog photos.  Called 'Dogs Gods' by photographer Tim Flach, it is full of some really awesome dog photos.  I recommend this book for a coffee table conversation piece; I haven't met anyone who hasn't liked it!

The third thing I had to search for was the oldest book that I own.  Richard Carvel by Winston Churchill.  When I first purchased this book, I thought it had been written by the British statesman Churchill, who boosted the moral of his people through the most darkest days of World War II as Prime Minister.  It was a few years later that I accidentally found out that it was not him, but an American author who penned the work.  This particular edition was printed in 1900 and so is well over the century.  A little tattered and brittle, I thought it would make a brilliant subject!

The bottles came up great!  We have a small collection of bottles from different eras of Australian history.  The bottle in the foreground must nearly be about 90 years old also, because the sketch on the label depicts a half finished Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The last photo I took was of the cello playing elephant.  I wanted to experiment using a torch after the room had turned dark with the sunset.

The afternoon was dreary, overcast and wet, so I decided that Black and White would match the mood of the photos.  I love black and white photos anyway, irrespective of the weather!

Hope you enjoy this lot!


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