Monday, 25 June 2012

My New Kit !

I 'lashed out' the other day and brought myself a Canon 600D Twin Lens Kit!

I have been needing/wanting to upgrade my Panasonic Lumix FZ30 for quite a while now, but considered the prices a little too high for what I wanted.  Besides, the Panasonic was giving me some great photos so I was in a position to sit back and wait.  Finally, after price watching for over six months, I finally found a price that was ideal at JB Hi Fi.  It was $400 cheaper than the nearest rival and for the money I saved, I also brought a Speedlite 430 EX II flash unit!   So, I am thinking, all in all, it was really worth the wait!

There are a few things I am gradually getting my head around.  It's not so much that I don't understand them but rather that, now I have a camera with so much more functionality, I have to remember to use it!  It is not quite as forgiving as the Panasonic was.  For example the 55-250 mm lens gives me the same zoom capability as the built in megazoom on my Panasonic.  At full zoom, I could get a pic without any shake on the Lumix  without the use of a tripod but, the Canon seems to be a little more sensitive to shake at full zoom. However, the Canon does not display any of the graininess and noise as I used to get from the Lumix. 

I have played around with the Speedlite flash in slave mode and I am loving it!  Planning all sorts of shots where it will come in very handy.  The first that springs to mind is night street photography on some of the wonderful architecture here in Newcastle!  Great light from different angles!  Check out my profile pic on my Facebook Page to see what I came up with just playing around!  Ha ha .... it was fun.

So, where to next?  Well I am gonna definitely drop the hint for my birthday for a couple of ND filters.  I do want a wide angle lens because I love what they can do, but will have to do some homework to see just what is available out there.  

Anyway, here are my first 'serious' attempts with my new kit.  I have to say that some did not actually work out, but I have figured out where I went wrong for those.  These are the ones that worked.  

I hope you enjoy them!

Hope you are all well as it is with us here!



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