Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mobile Phoneography #1

I have a Samsung Galaxy II mobile phone.  It has an 8Mp camera and I must admit that I was a little skeptical about its' photography prowess when I first brought it.   I then discovered some applications that work wonders and have now found that my phone is capable of taking some great photos!   The size of the photos would really inhibit them from being used for large print but, they are great for the web. 

The 2 main apps I use are Camera 360 and HDR Camera which have a wide range of options with each app.   The HDR Camera App takes 3 bracketed exposure shots and processes them all in the phone software!

These are an example of what I have taken up til now but, I will try to post on a regular basis as I take more.

One thing I must mention.....walking down the hill from my parked car on the way to work gives me some spectacular views, hence there are probably an usunual proportion of Sunrise photos here!

Hope you're all well.