Monday, 6 January 2014

In a Flickr of an Eye.... The Lost Photos... #2

Some months ago now I wrote about the evolution of this blog.  It has turned from a family contact point (which I no longer need thanks to the more immediate response times of Facebook) and, gradually, into a blog about my photography.

As explained in my last blog entry on the subject, I was using Flickr and then sharing the Flickr photos onto this blog.  This did save some time however, a change in my Flickr status has seen those shared photos not show up on the blog.  Although the link to Flickr is still there, I would rather have the photos on here as a one stop Life with Jordy site.

Anyway, here are some more of those lost photos from early on in the life of my blog!  These were taken with my first digital camera a Panasonic Lumix FZ30.  It served me well and was the perfect camera to learn about digital photography.

I hope you enjoy these!  I have a couple of projects up my sleeve coming up as the new year progresses and have just purchased a few films also, so keep an eye out for when they pop on-line!

Hope you have all survived Christmas and the New Year!

regards to all


City Hall by night.  Newcastle, Australia

Ocean Baths, Merewether, Australia

The Hunter River & Stockton Bridge, Newcastle, Australia

Dungog, NSW, Australia

Wagstaffe, NSW, Australia

Pulbah Island, Lake Macquarie from Wangi Wangi.  Newcastle, Australia

The Fred Ash Building, Newcastle, Australia.  Since this photo was taken, this old building has been demolished.

Dawn, Newcastle Beach.  Newcastle, Australia

Sunrise on Newcastle Beach.  Newcastle, Australia

Sunrise at the Bogey Hole.   Newcastle, Australia