Thursday, 2 January 2014

The right kind of Exposure!

Welcome to the New Year everyone.  I hope you had a safe time over the silly season!  Unfortunately, my paying job put a hole in my celebrations but still, I had a good time and enjoyed the company of my family at home and my good humored work colleagues on the coal face!

I went to Redhead Beach a few days ago.  Originally wanting to catch a sunset from atop the bluff looking down onto the beach and Surf Life Saving Club and across to the dunes.  I did the recon and sorted out angles etc. so I wouldn't lose any precious time setting up later on.  There wasn't many people on the beach given that it was very hot and it was also school holidays.  The beach had been closed due to the heavy swells and a few wicked little rips running with a strong undertow back out to sea.  The rips were easy enough to see from on high on the bluff but would have been difficult to spot from beach level.  

Redhead Beach has some great rock formations scattered in spots along its' length.  The waves come crashing in and flow and splash up through the small fissures and gaps in the rocks.  This is where I got the idea from to get a few long exposure shots in for the afternoon as well.  The swirling movement and, the angles of the splashing water as it pounded in through the rocks and the resultant patterns in the sand made for some great photos against the backdrop of the steadfast rocks.

I never actually got the sunset photos that I wanted!  Heh heh, by the time I had busied myself getting the long exposure shots, it was dinner time and still 2 hours to go until sunset!  I was getting a bit hungry and decided that dinner was a good option!  I consoled myself that I had still got some wonderful photos and that I could come back anytime to get the sunset photos that I wanted; it may be the new year now but, the sun still rises and sets each day!

For these photos I used my Canon 600D & 18-55 mm lens. For some I used only a single ND8 screw on Marumi filter and for others I stacked a Cokin ND8 filter on top of that.  

Wishing you all a safe and happy 2014!


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