Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vintage Ventures with Voigtlander!

I am fairly fussy when it comes to taking photos with my Voigtander Bessa 1 folding camera.  It takes medium format 120 film and there are only 8 exposures on a roll, so I try not to waste my shots.

I wanted to try using a faster film this time around.  I figured it would give me a little more grain in the final finish and that also it would be a little faster for some night shots as the camera shutter locks up at about 1/25 and less. (mind you, the Bulb setting works when I am using the extension cable!)

I don't have a light meter as such; I use an iPhone app called Light Meter.  It seems to work well and has not failed me yet!

I shot these using Kodak Tri-X 400 which has worked well.  Thing is, it did not allow me to use a large aperture because the Voigtlanders' fastest shutter speed is only 1/250!  With the night shots of the Cathedral here though, the light meter called for long exposures of 8 and 16 seconds and I used the Bulb setting and the extension cable to stop any movement from depressing the shutter button.  The only adjustment I have really made digitally here is for contrast and a little Dodge and Burn here and there.  I only try to use those Photoshop edits that would be used in a dark room.

I must take the camera to have the internal parts of the lens cleaned.  I looked through it yesterday and there is a slight haze inside which I guess is only natural for a camera of its' age. Still, I am happy that the photos are as sharp as they are!  My dad would be proud!

Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia.  Kodak Tri-X 400 f8 at 1/160

Newcastle Beach.  Kodak Tri-X 400 f11 at 1/250

Newcastle Cathedral. Kodak Tri-X 400  f8 at 8 second exposure.

Newcastle Cathedral.  Kodak Tri-X 400  f8 at 16 second exposure.  

RAAF Memorial, Civic Park, Newcastle.  Kodak Tri-X 400.  I didn't record the settings for this shot.

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