Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Newcastle in Black & White #2

If you are a local Novacastrian, then you will possibly understand me when I rave about wandering around our city admiring the architecture, trees, beaches and, most of all, the character of the place!

I went for a photo safari with my son Lachlan about a week or so ago.  Got some great photos for my Newcastle Rooftops Project (click the link and go visiting!).  It was a cloudy day with the promise of a storm to break the heat we have been experiencing but old Mother Nature was just teasing us about that. 

Still, on a cloudy day I love to shoot black and white.  Mind you, I don't set my camera for black and white.

Rather, I shoot in full colour and then convert in post editing.  There are many more options post edit for black & white rather than relying upon the camera to get it right.

We stuck mostly to the Civic Park & Laman Street areas.  The older style buildings and large Fig Trees really create some great light and shade for monochrome.  There are also small lane ways running off streets for access to garages etc.  Some of these are so quaint and have heaps of character which will form the subject of my next photo safari.

I have also just put in 2 films for development and scanning; a Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100 from my Pentax 35mm SLR and a Kodak Tri-X 400 from the Voigtlander folding camera.  Won't be picking them up til next week so keep your eyes peeled for their stories as well.

Hope you're all well, whatever part of the world you are in!


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St Andrews Church from Civic Park, Newcastle, Australia

City Hall Clock Tower rises above the Fig Trees, Civic Park, Newcastle, Australia.

Captain Cook Memorial Fountain, Civic Park, Newcastle, Australia

Gibson Street, Newcastle, Australia

Hannifords Lane, Newcastle, Australia

Laman Street, Newcastle, Australia

Laman Street Fig, Newcastle, Australia

Love this brick work on Hannifords Lane, Newcastle, Australia.

Lovely Laman Street, Newcastle, Australia.