Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pentax A3 Film Photography #4

Wow!  2 blog posts within  a week!  And both from film cameras!  

The rolls from the Voigtlander and Pentax finished at the same time; hence my almost back to back posting.

I had acquired a 'new' used lens from a work colleague.  When he heard that I had a Pentax, he gave me a few lenses that he had sitting in a box in his garage.  I went on a couple of Photo Safaris to get these shots and to trial the Pentax SMC F 28mm  f2.8-22 prime lens.  So very happy with the results!  Nice sharp photos and the depth of field at f2.8 is wonderful!

Of course, I shot in B&W with Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100, a great film with a fine grain and dynamic range; it doesn't seem to blow out the exposure in bright light (see photo below 'Dappled Light').  I have my film developed by Les Porter Photography and scanned at ProAm Colour Laboratories.

The only digital editing I do is to adjust the contrast slightly and I keep myself to performing edits that are only digital versions of darkroom methods, such as dodge and burn.

If you want to see more of my Film Photography work, click on the Film link located under the cover photo.

Can't believe it is the end of January already!

Hope you & yours are all well.



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The Pressure's on in Watt Street, Newcastle, Australia

Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia

Dappled Light in Bolton Street, Newcastle, Australia.

Hamilton Railway Station, Newcastle, Australia

King Street, Newcastle, Australia

Hamilton Signal Box and Level Crossing, Newcastle, Australia

Light & Shade, King Street, Newcastle, Australia

Please do not sit on the fence!  The Courthouse, Newcastle, Australia.

Reflections of Time, Newcastle, Australia.

Ye Olde Post Office, Newcastle, Australia